If you are not selling to your clients, someone else will.

Let me show you how to get the know, like and trust factor from your clients. 
Sales proof your business. 
You listened to all the online marketing guru's. 

You bought "all the things" to create a 6 figure business, just like they told you too....

But the sales aren't coming in like you had hoped.

Now you just want to serve your people and grow your business.

Am I right?
Let me guess...
  • You hate selling. 
  • ​Your offer is way too valuable that you shouldn't have to "sell" it to anyone
  • You are posting all the right things, but nobody is biting
  • ​You finally get a discovery call to make your pitch and hear nothing but crickets afterwards
  • ​The thought of pitching makes you want to vomit
  • Why can't people just see that I have spent so much time and money on my offer AND I am selling it under what it's really worth
As business owners, we need real results,  not just the perception that we are getting results....

Raise your hand if you are tired of putting in the work, without getting the results. 


Selling anything in the current market is challenge. You have an internal battle without between paying the bills, feeling opportunistic and showing up in people's inboxes trying to sell when you know there are many struggling just to stay in business.

My job is to help you get out of that scarcity mindset. In Bold & Brave Selling, we address those fears and doubts you are having right now in an unstable environment. 
You have been taught to use scripts to sell...
let's just stop you right there....
Scripts can be great if you need the framework for a call. But nowadays, buyers are smart, like really smart. They can immediately pick up if you are using a script and it's a turn off. This program will teach you how to have a fluid and seamless conversation with buyers, that is not scripted but purpose driven. 

Ask the right questions, to the right buyers at the right time.

Get them to say yes to what it is you have to offer without making them jump through a scripted hoop. 

I am tired of seeing talent, hard-working and incredibly talented women not hit their revenue goals. 

I have been in a grit producing, face to face selling only role for well over a decade and had wild success doing it.....

...and now I have put my lessons learn, the good, the bad and the ugly into a nice little course for you to munch on...

I am giving you ten years worth of knowledge in 7 weeks! 


Let me introduce myself....
Divorced by 26. Not the way I had imagined my adult life would start.
There was always a feeling in the back of my mind and deep in my heart that I was meant for something different. So at 26,  I moved myself and my two dogs to a tiny one bedroom apartment in downtown Kansas City. I had no bed, no furniture except for a couch, a tv, and miscellaneous kitchenware that I picked up at a garage sale.

I had just been promoted to a sales executive position for a fortune 500 company. I was motivated because well I had hit rock bottom; it was the beginning and end of my underdog story. One of my favorite quotes is “rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”


One day, as I was working tirelessly on my couch (because still no bed), I created a 5 year master plan. Step one was to conquer revenue goals and climb to the top of sales ladder despite being one of the few females in a predominately male driven job market. I was traveling 5 days a week. The hustle and grind in me was unstoppable. Between traveling, getting my life right in terms of mental and physical health, I decided to start dating again. Little did I know, my meant to be life partner would be placed right in front of me. Not to mention, I wanted to hit 6 figures before the age of 30. Easier said than done, right? Nah. Did that before I hit the age of 28. 

My 30th birthday rolled around and I thought “how the hell can I top my life right now?” I had envisioned everything that I wanted and it came to fruition. What more could life give me?

How about a child?

Becoming a mom made me realize, I was capable of more.... 
After I became a mom, I found new purpose. My hustle and drive looked a little different these days. Time was not on my side, so I had to become extremely intentional with my days. I wanted to teach women that we really can have it all, in the way we define it. We can manage a business, make 6 and 7 figures and also have a fulfilling life with a family. I wanted moms and really ALL women to know that we DO have a seat at the table. We can wear “all the hats” as a parent, wife, executive and business owner. 

That’s where The Bold & Brave comes in.

Not only do I want to serve women, but I want all ambitious entrepreneurs to know that just because you have a new, unexpected challenge in life doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice everything else. You have dreams and they are just as important as anyone else’s, no matter how big or small. You can have everything you want. You just have to WANT it bad enough.

I created the Bold and Brave with the intention to teach women that you don’t have to sit on the sidelines, waiting for your turn to chase your goals. 

You can do it right now. You can start the business and be successful, right now.

I am the business coach that can help you get there.

kicking off a discovery meeting with a potential client knowing exactly what to ask, say and how to close?

Yes, that level of confidence and certainty is possible.
Your little sales problem that you keep shoving under the rug, is no longer an issue....

Bold & Brave Selling is the most comprehensive sales and marketing focused course on the market.
7 weeks of content.
All Proprietary. 
All custom built for solo entrepreneurs.
This is not death by powerpoint.

Want to know what's included?


What’s Included.
Module one: Who are you selling to and why?
What you will learn:

• Who is your Ideal Buyer Persona?
• Understanding how to get the know, like and trust of your IBP
• What is your Mission?
• Building your Story Brand
• Creating your elevator pitch

This Module Includes:

  • Video Training
  • ​Downloadable PPT's to Review
  • ​Your Ideal Buyer Persona Guide - Printable PDF
  • Two Homework Assignments
MODULE TWO: The Framework
What you will learn:
• Creating your own custom sales framework
• Stages of the Sales Process
• The P. I . E . Content Strategy 
• Trello Sales Checklist Template + Video
• Creating your own sales funnel
• White-boarding Session - Get in Funnel Formation

This Module Includes:

  • ​Video Training
  • ​Downloadable PPT's to Review
  • ​Trello Sales Process Template + Instructional Video on how to use
  • ​Funnel Formation Guide
  • ​Content Creation Calendar Template
Module Three: Know, Like and Trust Factor
What you will learn:
• First Impressions Matter - The 7 Second Rule
• The Big 7 - Can't Mess-up Moments 
• Discovery, Research and Knowing your "Ish"
• Creating Authenticity in an Inauthentic World
• Prepping for your first Client Interaction
• Learning to control the conversation 

This Module Includes:

  • ​Video Training
  • ​Downloadable PPT's to Review
  • How to prep for your discovery meeting guide
  • ​Discovery Call Template
MODULE four: "swot" - ing our way through the competition
What you will learn:
• What is a SWOT analysis?
• Defining your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
• Working through the Bold & Brave Selling SWOT exercise
• Making your competition irrelevant
• Building a loyal community around your business

This Module Includes:

  • ​Video Training
  • ​Downloadable PPT's to Review
  • SWOT Worksheets (2 total)
  • Competitive Analysis Worksheet
  • ​Community Engagement Guide - PDF Handout
MODULE five: working week
What you will learn:
• How to Conquer Imposter Syndrome Once and for all 
• Put everything you have learned so far into action
• You get the opportunity for a free 1:1 call with me to ask questions

This Module Includes:

  • ​Video Training
  • ​FREE 1:1 Zoom call with me to ask questions about what you have learned so far
MODULE six: MBA Level Communication
What you will learn:
• The psychology behind selling
• What is your selling technique? Let's Find out! 
• Confronting your selling mindset and learning to love it
• Control the conversation - Expert Level
• My Big 5 Game Changing Communication Techniques
• Non-Verbal Communication - Body Language, Appearance and RBF

This Module Includes:

  • ​Video Training
  • ​Downloadable PPT's to Review
  • ​Say This, Not That Handout
  • ​Bring a Notepad to this module because LOTS to take notes on
MODULE seven: it's closing time
What you will learn:
• Coffee is for CLOSERS!
• The New ABC's of Selling
• Cold communication isn't dead, bad messages are...
• How to send an actual cold message that works 
• Strategies that turn a cold message into a converted high-ticket client
• Posts that Pay - How to create an engaging posts that brings in all the leads
• Getting to No Sooner - The Fear of hearing NO
• Closing Time - Part One (How to ask for the Sale)
• Closing Time - Part Two (How to Close the Sale)

This Module Includes:

  • ​Video Training
  • ​Downloadable PPT's to Review
  • ​Cold Message templates to MAKE YOUR OWN
  • ​BONUS: 100 Posts that Pay (Template)
Still have doubts?
I  got you.
My money back guarantee.
If you sign-up, dive in to the course work, consistently implement what I teach, and participate in one of the free 1:1 calls offered -- and after 4 weeks of showing up and putting in the work have not seen any progress, 
I will offer you a full refund. 

Cut the crap. Stop wasting money on systems thinking they will magically bring in the clients. In order to make money in business, you have to learn to sell, period. Bold & Brave Selling will teach you how. 
I see so many coaches, freelancers, social media managers, multi-level marketers, product and service focused businesses waste so much time...

They are committed to their business and putting in the work. But not committed to working smarter, just harder. 
People do not buy goods or services, they buy relationships, stories and MAGIC. 
You are being offered two options here... 
Did I mention the Bonuses?
Present Like a Pro Online
Present like a Pro Online was built for entrepreneurs that have amazing knowledge to share with the world but need a little boost of confidence, education and tools to get them comfortable presenting anything to anyone. This one hour mini course includes my 5 building blocks to a WOW presentation, Learn how to get your entire audience to "Lean In," and How to create stupid simple branding that is sure to be effective.
Trello Sales Process Checklist
Get access to my custom built Trello board to help you organize your business and your clients! Includes an instruction video on how to get started and make it your own! 
Upon completion of the course, you get a free 1:1 zoom call with me to help you hit the ground running with all the knowledge, techniques and tricks to turn your business into a consistent 6 figure revenue generator. As soon as I see a new student completes the entire course, you get a scheduled consult to walk through your news sales roadmap. 


  • The Bold and Brave Selling Framework - 47 TOTAL LESSONS (Valued at $4997)
  • Present Like a Pro Online Course (Valued at $129)
  • Discovery Call Templates (Valued at $297)
  • ​Content Creation Calendar (Valued at $97)
  • Social Media Guide (Valued at $129)
  • MBA Level Communication Techniques (Valued at $697)
  • 1:1 Consult with Me (Valued at $497)
  • ​Trello Template + Video (Valued at $97)
Total Value = $6,940
Your Investment = $497


A community for both men and women that have gone through Bold & Brave Selling. Like minded individuals, like you, that are passionate, authentic, driven, determined, drama free, motivated and supportive.

This is a place to learn, ask questions, and seek support.

If you sign-up, dive in to the course work, consistently implement what I teach, and participate in one of the free 1:1 calls offered -- and after 4 weeks of showing up and putting in the work have not seen any progress,
I will offer you a full refund. 

Stop being Busy. 
Be Productive.
Deliver Results.
Sell More, Period.


  • The Bold and Brave Selling Framework - 47 TOTAL LESSONS (VALUED AT $4997
  • ​Present Like a Pro Online Course (Valued at $129)
  • ​Discovery Call Templates (Valued at $297)
  • ​Content Creation Calendar (Valued at $97)
  • Social Media Guide (Valued at $129)
  • ​MBA Level Communication Techniques (Valued at $697)
  • ​1:1 Consult with Me (Valued at $497)
  • ​​Trello Template + Video (Valued at $97)
Total Value = $6,940
Your Investment = $497


Frequently Asked Questions.
7 weeks, 7 modules. I don't know if I have the time to commit right now.
Are you committing to making your business work? How much time and money have you spent already that has led you here. You are standing in your own way my friend. The amount of effort you put into everything will determine what you get out of it. But let me tell you this.... 

You can do the course at your own pace. Whatever bonuses are available when you purchase will remain in your course program regardless if you finish in 7 weeks of 70 weeks. 
I want to feel like a Bold & Brave VIP.
Graduates of Bold & Brave will have first access to become Beta testers for future courses. I am talking be the first the take my new courses for FREE! 
I just don't think I  will ever feel comfortable selling.
False. If you follow the steps outlined in my course, feel stuck, then reach out! I will be your guide if you feel like you are falling behind or not progressing quick enough. I will not let one of my student fail! You will be amazed at what you are capable of! 
Many course creators stop access after a certain amount of time.
Isn't that annoying? Been there, done that. This is not that kind of course. Unlimited and LIFETIME access to course content.

I can't front the $197 out of pocket.
I get it. Money is tight and you can't fathom investing in one more course. I have been there. Dig into this course, 4 weeks in and just aren't finding value in the content but really made an effort, I will refund you $197 back. No problem. 
Every sale has five objections:
  • No Need
  • ​No Money
  • ​No Desire
  • ​No Hurry
  • ​No Trust
Overcome every single one. I will teach you how.


  • The Bold and Brave Selling Framework - 47 TOTAL LESSONS (VALUED AT $4997)
  • ​Present Like a Pro Online Course (Valued at $129)
  • Discovery Call Templates (Valued at $297)
  • Content Creation Calendar (Valued at $97)
  • Social Media Guide (Valued at $129)
  • MBA Level Communication Techniques (Valued at $697)
  • ​​1:1 Consult with Me (Valued at $497)
  • ​Trello Template + Video (Valued at $97)
Total Value = $6,940
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